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La Chispa Riverfront

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

About La Chispa

La Chispa is located about 5 minutes past San Gerado de Rivas. It's a quiet local village tucked into the organic beauty and views of the mountain. The sounds of the river surround the lands here.

La Chispa is an excellent location for those who want to be out of the grids but close enough to get to some of the main mountain towns. You will wake up surrounded by the sound of the birds and have the opportunity to grow your own food. Nature lovers cannot get enough of this area.

La Chispa is about 10 minutes from Cloud Bridge Nature Reserve which is open 365 days a year offering hikes, waterfalls and wildlife tours unlike any other you have experienced before.

Main features of the property

This stunning property includes:

  • Homes: 1

  • Property perks: River runs through the property, electricity and fresh water springs on the land

  • View: beautiful views of the river

  • Land size: 500 square meters

  • Price: $80,000.00 USD

Set up a viewing

For more information about this property or to set up a viewing email Kevin Burch at or WhatsApp him at 1 (541) 288-3744.

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